Following the call for projects of the Autorésidences initiative, artist-run centre AXENÉO7 wants to commend the exceptional quality of each application sent to us as well as thank the artists who responded — by the hundreds — to our call. 

We are pleased to unveil the artists selected to participate in Autorésidences and to whom will be each granted $1,500 to encourage the improvement of their production conditions and to support the expansion of the parameters of their artistic practices and their presentations.

The programming committee decided to grant additional Autorésidences to candidacies who submitted proposals offering a reflective approach to curatorial practices. 

In addition to allocating a financial contribution of $1,500 for each recipient, we remain at the disposal of each artist. We will provide them with a support structure of exchange and sharing, as well as our support in the eventual presentation of these projects in the context of future recurring events taking place at AXENÉO7, depending on the unfolding situation which for now remains uncertain.