Selected artists — Call for proposals of 2023


AXENÉO7 artist-run centre is proud to announce the selected artists list, following the call for proposals of Fall 2023.

Paul Hardy and lagomorphhh's individual proposals; as well as Paul HaeAhn, Kajander Kwon and Walter Scott's collective proposals will be part of the centre's regular programming.

Each of the laureates will benefit from an initial residency in collaboration with the centre. This residency may lead to the presentation of their work as an exhibition.


Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy is an artist and educator based in Montreal / Tiohtiá:ke. Ambiguous and abstract, his paintings and drawings are characterized by relentless material explorations and constant searching. Together, they map out several diverging historical, personal, and painterly references into a unique vision that investigates the nature of creative processes, the act of painting, and notions of selfhood. 

He received his MFA from Concordia University, is represented by Gallery Christian Lambert and teaches Painting and Drawing at Concordia. Notable and recent solo exhibitions include Third at Bellemare Lambert, Study for Ways to Live at Centre Clark, and The Waves at Parisian Laundry. He was a finalist in the RBC painting competition, participated in artist residencies in Canada and abroad.


lagomorphhh is a queer, non-binary, mixed Settler-Indigenous Canadian artist, foster care system survivor and adoptee. They have grown up in Calgary, Alberta, and attended NSCAD University for a BFA. They live and work in Calgary. Their work has been recently shown at the Confederation Centre for the Arts in Charlottetown, Gallery Gachet in Vancouver, The New Gallery in Calgary, Stride Gallery in Calgary, and the Harbourfront center in Toronto. They primarily make work as part of an ever-evolving collective called Lagomorph, currently partnering with Julian Zwack and Noble. They acknowledge that their work doesn’t come from a vacuum, and in fact they can’t do their work alone. Their communal based artist practice allows them to explore ideas, concepts, and forms in a way that a singular entity couldn’t, with a healthy support group to allow them to delve into deeply personal concepts.

They are an artist, writer, activist, and curator with a focus in making work about queer histories, generational trauma, working class history, activism, environmentalism and present day politics through a storytelling lens, placing these histories and truths into personal, understandable and digestible realities in conversation with each other. 

Paul HaeAhn  — Kajander Kwon  — Walter Scott

HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander is a Korean/Canadian collaborative duo currently based in Kjipuktuk/Halifax where they teach at NSCAD University. Through the threading together of given and family names, their practice complicates the notion of individual authorship and addresses the constructedness of identity. Current research interests include material exploration with natural lacquer; the modernization of urban sewerage/waste-treatment infrastructure and the connections between imperialism, nationalism, colonialism and private property. The presentation of their work has been supported via numerous exhibition contexts, including Kunstverein Toronto (Toronto), The Real DMZ Project (Paju), Galerie SAW (Ottawa), Franz Kaka (Toronto), Galerie Nicolas Robert (Toronto), Trilobite et le Pneu (Montréal), Jack Barrett Gallery (New York), The Small Arms Inspection Building (Mississauga), Julius Caesar (Chicago), Nerri Baranco (Mexico City). Their work is represented by Franz Kaka. HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Walter Scott b. 1985, is an interdisciplinary artist working across comics, drawing, video, performance and sculpture. His comic series, Wendy, chronicles the continuing misadventures of a young artist in a satirical version of the contemporary art world. Wendy has been featured in Canadian Art, Art in America, and published online on the New Yorker. Recent exhibitions include Reframed Into Oblivion, Naughton Gallery (Belfast), and Open Ended, Painted Shut at the MACM, Montreal. His most recent graphic novel, The Wendy Award will be available in July, from Drawn & Quarterly.