Departure of Jean-Michel Quirion, Director of AXENÉO7


AXENÉO7 artist-run centre is announcing the departure of Jean-Michel Quirion from his position as Director. M.A. Marleau will now take over as Interim Director.

Organization of the centre's team

M.A. Marleau has been working with the AXENÉO7 team for over 3 years. Initially hired as a summer employee in cultural outreach, M.A. then took on the responsibility of several tasks, including the coordination of the PERF (Ré)agir / (Re)act performance biennial, the technical aspects of the artist-run centre between 2021 and 2022, and gradually its artistic coordination. The AXENÉO7 Board of Directors is counting on his solid skills, interpersonal abilities and sharp artistic eye to ensure the requisite transition following Jean-Michel Quirion's departure. 

Following Léa A. Gendreau's departure as communications and publications coordinator, Lucile Godet, formerly the interim communications and publications coordinator, will take over this position in a permanent manner. Éric Trottier, for his part, retains his position as technical coordinator.

The Board of Director's tribute

AXENÉO7 artist-run centre’s Board of Directors is quite saddened to announce the departure of Jean-Michel Quirion. Jean-Michel Quirion made outstanding contributions to the centre, beginning with his role as Cultural Outreach Coordinator of the major off-site exhibition À Perte de vue / Endless Landscape in 2017, under the direction of Stefan St-Laurent. On this occasion, he was called upon to shed light on a dozen or so large-scale projects presented in the huge Fonderie de Gatineau building, in addition to organizing a series of talks in partnership with the local universities and the National Gallery of Canada (NGC).

In 2018, he held the position of Communications and Publications Coordinator, in 2020   he was gradually selected for the position of Director to ensure the organization's management following the departure of his predecessor Stefan St-Laurent. Since then, he has frequently made his mark, guided by his broad experience in artistic coordination and his ability to boost AXENÉO7's visibility. He has overseen the organization’s sound and prudent management and assured steady funding throughout his tenure.

A very supportive and dedicated director, he piloted the organization of our Autorésidences / Self-isolation residencies program during the public health crisis, while managing the many committees of the AXENÉO7 organizational structure, including publishing, programming, governance and strategic planning. Over the last four year, he never ceased to be motivated by his work, despite the difficult situations brought about by the constant changes linked to the pandemic. His remarkable resilience enabled us to maintain our programming and to welcome artists in residency, all the while continuing to offer services pertaining to the production of works and exhibitions. His involvement with various Boards of Directors, notably those of the RCCAQ and Vision Centre-ville made it possible for our organization to enter into more enriching relationships with our funding organizations, among which the Ville de Gatineau with whom we now count many collaborations.

Jean-Michel has been able to consolidate the relationships already established with several artist-run centres in Quebec. His ambassadorship and dedication have enhanced the centre's visibility, both in Quebec and internationally, notably with the cross-residency between Le Lieu Unique (Nantes, France) and AXENÉO7, in collaboration with the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ).

We thank him warmly.

The Board, in collaboration with Jean-Michel and the AXENÉO7 team, are currently in a transition process to ensure the centre's smooth operation.

On behalf of the entire AXENÉO7 team and family, we wish you much success!