A structural milestone for AXENÉO7


After several months of planning, AXENÉO7 is proud to present the initial phases of restructuring within its team. These represent a first step towards institutional change and will be followed by others in the coming years.

Updating the center's structure and practices

The centre's strategic reflection on restructuring its positions was primarily based on a desire to update its structure and practices. AXENÉO7 envisions the restructuring process as evolutionary, marked by different phases. Following Jean-Michel Quirion's departure from the general direction in 2022, the first step was to appoint M.A. Marleau as acting general director. This institutional interlude—constituting the first phase of the process—allowed the centre to focus on its objectives and establish its vision for the coming years.

Co-general direction

In order to develop the centre and address the new set of goals, one of the priorities was to reaffirm AXENÉO7's organizational model. Thus, the second phase of the restructuring process was to create a co-general direction, appointing M.A. Marleau as artistic director and François Larivière as administrative director. Having been part of the team for almost five years, M.A. served as acting general director of the centre for a year and a half. François joined the centre at the beginning of the summer of 2023 and has proven himself as administrative coordinator. AXENÉO7 has full confidence in their abilities to evolve the centre and renew its identity, while listening to the community.

A structure rooted in values of hospitality

After a year of celebrations and highlighting opportunities for gathering, the centre has seen the benefits of developing its event activities. Increased enthusiasm and participation from its community, welcoming new audiences within our walls, and the anchoring of hospitality values are all reasons that prompted us to expand the center's activities in this direction. Through this approach, the organization aims to strengthen its identity as an anchor point, a welcoming place, and a friendly space for its community. AXENÉO7 thus appoints Lucile Godet as Head of Communications and Events, concluding the third phase of restructuring its team. Lucile joined the centre in 2021 as interim communications and publications coordinator, then assumed the permanence of this position in 2022. AXENÉO7 looks forward to seeing Lucile Godet apply her organizational skills to this new role.

The pillars of our organization

In implementing all these initiatives, the centre wishes to thank Diane Charland, Administrative and Accounting Assistant, for her involvement with the centre for over ten years, and for her support in the restructuring process. Diane continues her activities with the centre in her current position.

AXENÉO7 also wishes to thank its board of directors, particularly its governance committee, for their support in this process.

Finally, the centre thanks its members and its community, who give meaning to its activities. We look forward to implementing this strategic direction and meeting you at our upcoming events!