Ways in Which Things are Alike

Emma Carney


AXENÉO7 artist-run centre, in collaboration with the Department of Visual Arts of the University of Ottawa, presents the exhibition Ways in Which Things are Alike by Emma Carney, artist and MFA candidate at the University of Ottawa, as part of the public presentation of her thesis exhibition.

Emma Carney’s painting exhibition ​Ways in Which Things are Alike​ charts the conflicted affective terrains of the everyday. In this collection of post-abstract paintings, the artist seeks out strange and unfamiliar emotional registers in a compendium of oddly disarming resemblances: she arranges wayward flesh, tooth and bone, wringing hands, microbes, screens, scribbles, and wobbly grids. Carney infuses the bodily with a sense that the geographies of contemporary life are overwhelmingly enmeshed in states of liminality and alienation. Although, there is a sort of buoyant porousness in her work. A particular composition may appear to waver or awkwardly digress, only to somehow reemerge fully transformed in a neighboring painting. As a result, Ways in Which Things are Alike​ conveys a defiant shrugging off of rigid navigational strategies in favor of an ongoing and affirmative renewal of lived relations.

Emma Carney is a Toronto-based painter with a BFA from the University of Guelph. Currently, she is an MFA candidate at the University of Ottawa, Ontario. Carney has completed residencies at the Roundtable Residency in Toronto and the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. Her post-abstract paintings contend with the affects of everyday cohabitation.