Extramural Exhibition | Atrium LNSGD


Carolyne Scenna

Extramural Exhibition

AXENÉO7 artist-run centre and Centre de production DAÏMÔN, in collaboration with La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins (LNSGD), present a series of four exhibitions in the singular space of LNSGD; its atrium.

Over the seasons, these exhibitions will offer various reflections on the notions of performativity and theatricality through photographic and mainly videographic works, or even scenic installations. The programming artists, Le Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée (Paris, France), Kyle Bustin (Gatineau), Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau (Montreal), as well as Carolyne Scenna (Montreal), stage interactions, animations and, moreover, experiments by bodies in motion.

Through the teeming and moving universe of the animated work Pluton, the artist, Carolyne Scenna, draws from her own personal archives (her experiences), the codes of the Web, and popular culture in order to stage polysemic captures. The hybrid images are therefore assembled, juxtaposed, and superimposed in an animation which, sort of infinite mise en abyme, seems to be perpetually becoming. This processual narration is thus detached from reality and puts to the test the precariousness inherent in the making of images and their pre-eminence in everyday life.

Carolyne Scenna’s work takes various forms: photography, lo-fi videos, installations, and various objects. Eager to discover prodigious accesses to the world — never enough filled with images — she revisits and manipulates her photographic archives, tracing back and forth between the processes she experiences. Her works offer new situations, bordering on the strange and the ordinary: the images that the artist advances unfold in a variety of meanings, often poetic and contradictory. With the collective Les Sabines, she is involved in fanzine, of which there are to date nine published titles, the multimedia performance (“La vie en reel”, various occurrences since 2013) and, recently, intervention in public space (Dare-Dare, 2019).

Carolyne Scenna holds a Masters in Visual and Media Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (2017). Her works have been presented, among others, at galerie Les Territoires (forced air : les ventilateurs, 2015), at the Parisian Laundry (Collision 12, 2016), at the Galerie de l'UQAM (Je suis la pire à […], 2017), at the Centre Clark (Pluton, 2019), at ICA in Baltimore (USA) (The Track, 2019), at Galerie B-312 (La Track, 2020), and soon in collaboration with the artist Isabelle Guimond at the centre SKOL (Le phénomène du dortoir, 2021).