PERF (Ré)agir / (Re)act


AXENÉO7 launches the third edition of the PERF biennal

On September 22, 2021 at 6PM, AXENÉO7 will open its doors for Soirée #1 of the performance biennial PERF (Ré)agir / (Re)act. The centre will welcome the public for a series of performances and interventions, from September 22 to October 23, 2021.


For the third edition of PERF, entitled (Ré)agir) / (Re)act, AXENÉO7 focused on the notion of the encounter by bringing together projects from a variety of different disciplines including a section dedicated to writings about performance which will be presented in salle Jean-Pierre Latour. 

For the biennial, two evenings of performance will be curated by AXENÉO7 and two evenings by Fait Maison (Thomas Grondin and Anna Khimasia), who were invited to participate in a curatorial residency at the centre. Fait Maison will be organizing two events: De l'autre côté du miroir / Through the Looking Glass and a performative Afternoon Tea. To close the biennial, AXENÉO7 will present a series of three daily performances of the Dream Room, a dance project by Compagnie Katie Ward, presented simultaneously and in collaboration with the Beeldend Danstheater Telder. 

PERF (Ré)agir / (Re)act is presented in collaboration with the Centre de production DAÏMÔN, Radio-Hull, Fait Maison, Coopérative de solidarité Les artistes du Ruisseau, L’Entre-deux, Compagnie Katie Ward and Beeldend Danstheater Telder.


From September 22 to October 23, 2021

Textual section (Volet textuel) presenting the writings on performative art exposed in the salle Jean-Pierre Latour.

Artists: Francys Chenier, Francisco-Fernando Granados and Karina Pawlikowski.

September 22, 2021 — from 6 to 11PM

Soirée #1 — Curated by AXENÉO7, presented at La Filature. 

Artists: Guillaume B.B, Emma-Kate Guimond and Isabelle Pauwels.

September 29, 2021 — from 6 to 11PM — meeting at 6:30PM on location

Soirée #2 — De l’autre côté du miroir / Through the Looking Glass, curated by Fait Maison, walking around La Filature district.

Artists: Francisco González-Rosas, David Khang, Laura Paolini, Theo Pelmus and Pascale Théorêt-Groulx.

October 6, 2021 — from 3 to 5PM

Soirée #3 — Afternoon tea, curated by Fait Maison, presented at La Filature.

Artists: Dayna Danger, Don Kwan, Kama La Mackerel, Michelle Lacombe and Stefan St-Laurent. 

October 13, 2021 — from 6 to 11PM

Soirée #4 — Curated by AXENÉO7, presented at La Filature.

Artists: Sébastien Gandy, Hélène Lefebvre and Didier Morelli.

From October 18 to 23, 2021

Choreographic residency at AXENÉO7 followed by a series of three daily performances at La Filature, by the company Katie Ward.

Health measures

In the context of a pandemic, the maximum indoor capacity of AXENÉO7 is 50 people.

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