Call for Proposals

Call dates: Nov. 15 Dec. 17, 2023

AXENÉO7 is launching its annual call for proposals for its regular programming.


AXENÉO7 is looking for artists willing to engage in a collaborative relationship with the centre, its community, and the land. AXENÉO7 invites all interested individuals self-identifying as artists to propose initiatives, research avenues, or projects that, as a result of the centre's support, will evolve into exhibition projects. 

In its new programming format, the centre offers an initial residency — an "autoresidency" — to selected artists. By framing this residency in a relational context rather than in its intrinsic connection to the site, AXENÉO7 aims to nurture processes of reflection and exploration of the proposals, adaptively to the nature of the projects, intentions and situations of the selected artists through a fellowship.

Selected artists may also be presented with the opportunity to participate in complementary programming activities, collaborate on projects, or present works related to their proposals in alternative contexts, prior to the exhibition associated with this call.


  • An initial residency in the form of an autoresidency leading to a presentation in the programming;
  • Accessibility measures (according to the needs);
  • A fellowship of $1500 (CAD) for the initial residency, along with presentation fees  established according to the CARFAC, RAAV, and centre's fee schedules;
  • Allocated funds to support participation in programming and the path toward presentation.


All required documents must be compiled in a single PDF document with a maximum size of 15 MB.

  • A cover page indicating name, email address, phone number, website (if applicable), postal address, and residence location if different from the postal address;
  • A one-page text describing the proposal and its context, as well as interests in collaborating with AXENÉO7;
  • A curriculum vitae;
  • A selection of 5 to 15 images and/or links to a video-hosting platform of recent or relevant works to the proposal;
  • A descriptive list of the images/video selection.

If your submission contains sensitive content, please indicate it on the cover page by specifying the type of content presented.

Please submit the above elements in a single PDF document with a maximum size of 15 MB via WeTransfer to no later than Sunday, December 17, 2023, at 11:59 PM. Only submissions via WeTransfer will be accepted. Artists will be notified of the final selection in spring 2024.

We acknowledge that preparing this dossier represents a substantial unpaid workload. While we receive high-quality proposals each year, the number of accepted applications is limited. This selection enables the centre to maintain and offer the best possible conditions for hosting and presenting the selected artists. We appreciate your understanding and value your interest in participating in this call.


What does "proposal" mean?

In the context of this call, a proposal is an idea for a project or a research, and its mode of presentation, to be developed during the residency.

What should appear in the proposal?

The proposal can be a description of an embryonic idea or a well-defined project. The choice and progress of the project will not be decisive in the selection process. In other words, we're looking to work with people who want their ideas to become major projects with the collaboration of the center, sharing common values and work ethics.

What does the initial residency (autoresidency) involve?

The selected artists will be in autoresidency for several months, i.e. remotely. This initial residency will enable the selected artists to develop their proposal and transform it into an exhibition project, all in collaboration with AXENÉO7. The duration of the initial residency will be determined once the artists have been selected.

Will it be possible to do a residency at the center?

The initial residency is designed to be an autoresidency, i.e. at a remote location. An on-site stay may be proposed if it is relevant to the development of the project, depending on the center's availability and resources.

Can I present a project I've already presented elsewhere?

It is possible to present a project that has already been presented elsewhere. However, both the project and the scenography of the final exhibition must be exclusive or add a new perspective to an existing project.

Does my proposal have to result in an exhibition?

This year, all proposals must result in an exhibition project. If your main practice is not in the visual arts ( theatre, dance, literature, performance, science, etc.), your application should give some idea of how your practice might be transposed into an exhibition.

Are international artists invited to apply?

Yes, international artists are welcome to apply. The applicant must be able to communicate in English or French. Contracts will only be offered in these two languages.

Are students invited to apply?

Yes, students are welcome to apply. Previous work experience is not a requirement.

Is there a limit on participation for artists from recent years programming?

No, there is no limit on participation for artists from recent years' programming.