Sylvie Tourangeau — La résidence — Le performatif — 15 minutes d'Humanité

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The publication entitled 15 minutes of humanity; a performative residency, by Sylvie Tourangeau, is not so much a conclusion as a follow-up to a residency project conducted in 2002. The artist had then met, individually, some thirty people invited to share 15 minutes of humanity. In each case, a brief verbal exchange led the artist and her guest to agree on an action to be performed. This was done without the benefit of a public, strictly between participants. This type of practice is quite evidently not founded on aesthetics but rather on ethical considerations, since it deals in human relations. Thus, it is easy to understand the insistence of the artist on mutual consent regarding the action to be performed. In fact, the very title of the project alludes to this ethical dimension; to restore and preserve the humanity in each individual. — Excerpt of the foreword written by Jean-Pierre Latour, artistic director


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