Sarah Seené, Sans-titre (2022).

Sarah Seené

Artist in residence


Sarah Seené's residency is realized in partnership with DAÏMÔN production center, and takes place in 3 periods during the summer of 2022, for a total of one and a half months of residency.

A few months ago, during my first visit to DAÏMÔN, I was struck by the diversity of people I met around La Filature. Since my perception of the old Hull is totally new, I intend to use this fresh eye to meet the different members of the community. Through a photographic and sound project, I aim to collect the history that the community have with Hull. This project will be dedicated to conveying the essence of each person I meet, in images and sounds.

I will work with the Mamiya RZ67 camera from DAÏMÔN in order to explore a 120mm Black and White film that I have never used before. I am particularly interested in this film because of its format, which is very well adapted to portrait photography. I will develop the films in DAÏMÔN's darkroom before making paper prints. In the idea of a harmony of intimacy in resonance with the portraits, I will create a soundtrack bringing together the voices of those I photograph and the sound atmosphere of old Hull.

I am convinced that a powerful work as well as a very strong human and artistic experience will result from this creative residency.

Sarah Seené is a photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in Montreal. Born in the East of France in 1987, she learnt silver photography at the age of 16. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Modern Literature from the Faculté de Sciences du langage de Besançon and a Master's degree in Film Research from the Faculté de Lettres et langues de Poitiers.