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Maxime B. Huneault, AXENÉO[ ], 5/40, 2023.

Salon #1

Les Salons

Special programming

The first Salon will take place from 6 to 9PM in La Filature's backyard or inside the center, depending on the weather. Entrance is through the center's main door, at 80, Hanson St. Food and drinks will be served.

Dj Rodrigo Medrano

Free entrance
Free parking
Limited seating

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For this first artistic dinner, the center invites Mélanie Boucher, Lauranne Faubert-Guay, Pierre-Antoine Lafon Simard and Marc A. Reinhardt to discuss the theme of interpretation. ​​​​

In its most literal sense, the term alludes to performing arts practices, but also to the gesture of reading, appropriation, compromise and translation. We can conceive of the gesture of interpretation as an act of empowerment, agency and survival. Interpretation allows us to bend rules, contexts and codes in order to transform them, make sense of them and make them evolve.

Evening program

  • 5.00 pm: Doors open and opening cocktail;
  • 5:00 – 6:00 pm: Performance by Ben Compton;
  • 5:30 – 5:50 pm: Performance by Florence Simard;
  • 5.30 – 5.50 pm: Performance by Colas Eko;
  • 6.00 – 6.20 pm: Opening address;
  • 6:30 – 7:00 p.m.: Start of the Show: first service;
  • 7:00 – 7:45 p.m.: Part I Salon - Mélanie Boucher, Lauranne Faubert-Guay;
  • 7:45 – 8:00 p.m.: Second part of Colas Eko's performance;
  • 8 – 9 p.m.: Part II Salon - Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard, Marc A. Reinhardt;
  • 9 – 11 p.m.: DJ set by Rodrigo Medrano.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, AXENÉO7 is revisiting a key event from its thirtieth anniversary program (2013): the Salons. A veritable artistic banquet, the Salons bring guest artists together with the centre's community over dinner, for a participatory discussion on a specific subject, and to present research, performances and reflections, all in a convivial atmosphere. 

The Salons series consists of four events presented during each season of the 40th programming year, between La Filature's backyard and the center's exhibition spaces, depending on the weather. These dinners are free and open to all.


Mélanie Boucher

Mélanie Boucher is full professor of museology and art history at the Université du Québec en Outaoauis (UQO). She is the co-founder of the Groupe de recherche et de réflexion Collections et impératif évènementiel/The Convulsive Collections (CIÉ/CO). She is research director of Axis 3 (the expanded collection) of the Partnership for New Uses of Collections in Art Museums (SSHRC 2021-2028) and director of the research-creation project Créer avec les collections (FRQSC 2022-2026). Mélanie Boucher is also principal investigator of the Équipe Art et musée, which brings together curators, artists and exhibition designers from three Quebec universities, and principal investigator of the Groupe Origine et actualité du devenir objet du sujet : se recréer au musée, dans les expositions (SSHRC 2021-2024).

Lauranne Faubert-Guay

Lauranne is a transdisciplinary artist, trained in the visual arts, sociology and contemporary dance. Lauranne conceives her artistic approach as a praxis, a philosophy in movement.

Sensitive to the urgent need to change our way of being-in-the-world, notably by adopting a minimalist lifestyle, she is more specifically interested in the ascetic body and its capacity for self-sufficiency. Her artistic work is a quest for empowerment, the core of which comprises notions of ecology and autonomy. It is distinguished by a gestural style that is both gentle and violent, at the crossroads of difficulty and emancipation, effort and satisfaction.

Since 2019, Lauranne has been supported by several arts institutions, including AXENÉO7, Tangente Danse, Studio 303, LA SERRE - arts vivants, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, Culture Outaouais and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, to carry out her choreographic creations, which are presented in Montreal and the Outaouais region.

Finally, Lauranne is founder and director of Devenir(s) corps, an organization currently developing a residency and practice space for the performing arts in Montpellier, in the Outaouais region.

Lauranne Faubert-Guay's intervention is a kind of "commentary-performative with a hypnotic flavour".

Devenirs corps will launch its first artistic programme in September 2023. The organisation's mandate is to support, welcome and integrate local artists into each of its programmes.

Pierre-Antoine Lafon Simard

A graduate of the University of Ottawa, the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Québec and the National Theatre School of Canada, Pierre Antoine Lafon Simard is a director, sound and video designer. From 2013-2016, he was assistant programmer at Usine C. In 2014, he worked as a story consultant for the NFB Interactive and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Since October 2016 he has been artistic director of Théâtre du Trillium and responsible for theatre and dance programming at La Nouvelle Scène. He has directed several productions, including Taram (2011), Déluge (2012), MILF (2017), Moon Mission (2018), Mon corps livré pour vous (2018), Néon Boréal (2019), Durant des années (2023) and IA: l'autre créateur (2023). He has also worked on a number of sound and video designs, including Jeff Koons, une conception spatiale et numérique en VR (2019), Demain, j'étais ici: un parcours audio numérique (2021) and Le Virus et la proie (2023). In 2020, he co-founded the Scène Nationale du Son, a digital space for the performing arts that gives voice to contemporary dramatic art, the works of which he co-directs.

Marc A. Reinhardt

​​Marc A. Reinhardt focuses on a practice at the intersection of writing, installation and performance. He has presented works in Quebec, Canada, Europe and South America. He has been a member of several collectives, including ACTION INDIRECTE and Kabane77, and now runs Le Clinique, a small experimental publishing structure based in Hull. He lives and works between Gatineau and Montreal.