Une photographie d'un plan rapproché au niveau des jambes de deux personnes qui marchent dans la rue. Au premier plan, les jambes sont floues. Au deuxième plan, la personne qui marche porte des souliers à talon hauts rouge.

Maggy Hamel-Metsos, O.W.M.B (2023). Crédit photo : William Bobby Sabourin.

Maggy Hamel Metsos

Artist in residency


This Autoresidency project is the follow-up to the autumn 2022 Call for Proposals.

Maggy Hamel Metsos is an emerging artist based in Montreal. Working primarily from a sculptural perspective, Metsos' practice is a negotiation between the singular (the personal) and the common (the cultural). She is interested in the mechanisms of reduction, expansion and abstraction present in language. By mobilizing these same strategies in her material practice, she also invests words within her work. Lately, she has been interested in the transition from child to adult: how the imaginative and sensitive in childhood becomes neurotic and hysterical in adulthood. In the adult, she observes how emotional excesses must pass through a cultural device like a song or a play... It makes us comfortable to know that we can turn the light switch on or off like a mechanical doll. It makes us comfortable to know that we are not at the mercy of our emotions. To be understood, we can't scream or whine. The cost of witnessing comes at the price of neutrality: a sterile, emotionless language. Unless you call it Art, since it's on the margins of a society for which emotion is of no use unless it's part of the cultural sphere of entertainment.

Maggy Hamel-Metsos (born in 1997) is an early career artist living and working in Montréal. Through sculpture, installation, photography, video and drawing, her practice invests in the history and symbolism of objects and images to create new semantic constructions by establishing connections between narratives.

Her work has been exhibited in Canada, in Germany and in the US. She is represented by Parc Offsite, Eli Kerr. Caretakers, her first exhibition in this same gallery, took place in 2021, followed by a second solo exhibition entitled Whole Wide World in 2022. Recent exhibitions include Life’s Marching Band, presented at Pumice Raft (Toronto) and My Whole World, at Baader-Meinhof (Omaha). She is the recipient of the BMO 1st Art! Prize and is a laureate of the Fonderie Darling’s 2023-2026 Montréal Studio Program.

Among her upcoming projects, a new solo production of works will be presented at NADA (New-York) next May.