Leçons de solitude — écrire mes pas sur le chemin

Francys Chenier


Leçons de solitude — écrire mes pas sur le chemin by Francys Chenier is presented in the salle Jean-Pierre Latour.

Between 2013 and 2018, I always went about with a notebook and pen in hand. At the start of my trip, I took out my notebook, opened it and placed the felt tip of my pen on the right had page and like a seismograph, let the pen mark the paper with the ups and downs of the terrain and the vibrations of my steps along the way. At the end of my trip, on the left hand side, I noted the date, the roads travelled and some elements related to my thoughts.  This is both about the act of writing and the testimony, the archive or even the artefact that it produces.  I thus accumulated the notebooks and lengthened the list of reference elements to give shape to a path of thoughts, a variable-geometry, drawn and produced in time and solitude.

Francys Chenier holds a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts (2010) and an interdisciplinary master's degree in art (2015) from Université Laval. In addition to several independent and clandestine projects, his work has been showcased as part of special events that include VIVA! Art action (Montreal, 2015), Les liaisons artistiques, Musée du Bas-Saint-Laurent (Rivière-du-Loup, 2015), and solo exhibitions in artist-run centres L'Oeil de poisson (Quebec, 2018) and Arprim (Montreal, 2021). His performances have been presented at the DARE-DARE centre (Ars memoriaeLes Nuits de la poésie, Montreal, 2013) and Artexte (Voyage de têtes with Sylvie Cotton, Montreal, 2015). He has also participated in residency projects at Chambre blanche (Quebec City, 2017) and more recently at 3e impérial (Granby, 2021).