II (The Vastness Which One Can Inhabit)

Annie Charland Thibodeau


The installation II (The Vastness Which One Can Inhabit) refers to the creative process of artist Annie Charland Thibodeau, marked by the collection and the transformation of natural elements. It comes from a need to amass and intervene; to leave traces of one’s existence. These witnesses to the passages and changes that have occurred contain a poetic charge of mystery and wonder. By playing with properties such as the reflection or absorption of ambient light and the peculiarities of matter specific to certain natural elements, the installation rouses a conspicuous familiarity. It leaves room for various hypotheses around the history of this environment; a territory impossible to locate, but somehow feels so familiar.

Annie Charland Thibodeau lives and works in Quebec City, where she studied sculpture, Her work has been presented in various events and solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, notably at the Centre Bang, Chicoutimi and at Regart, Lévis. She will present exhibitions at AXENÉO7 and the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke (2018). She has participated in residency programs in Ireland (2015) and Italy (2016).