Discussion dans la cour #1

Marc-Olivier Hamelin and Neeko Paluzzi


Join us in La Filature's backyard from 6 to 7:30PM.

The Discussions dans la cour series is presented as part of the Public Art Summer Programming of the artist-run center AXENÉO7.

Talks will be conducted in French, except for artist Neeko Paluzzi, who will do it in English.

In parallel with Annie Thibault's Les Radieuses / Cartographie de l'invisible and Josée Dubeau's Mirador presented in collaboration with the city of Gatineau's Sentier culturel de la Ville de Gatineau, to the cross-Summer Residencies in a partnership with Écart, and to Maura Doyle's exhibition Dear Universe / Cher Univers, AXENÉO7 artist-run centre proposes the series of Discussions dans la cour on Wednesday, July 13, 20 and 27, to liven-up La Filature's backyard with exchanges on the approach of the artists of the summer program.

For the first Discussion dans la cour, AXENÉO7 welcomes Neeko Paluzzi and Marc-Olivier Hamelin, awardees of the cross-Summer Residencies 2022.

Marc-Olivier Hamelin

Marc-Olivier Hamelin is originally from Rouyn-Noranda. He graduated from Concordia University in Fine Arts (Montreal, 2014) and holds a MA degree in Museology and Art Practices from the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO, Gatineau, 2019), where he focused on multiple voices in an artistic creation context. He has exhibited several projects, among which Il y avait là trois structures (langagière, intérieure ou physique) ; J’y retourne moins souvent qu’avant as part of the group exhibition The State of Parenthesis, curated by Marie-Hélène Leblanc at Galerie UQO (Gatineau, 2017), It Is About Finding a Method to Integrate Those New Voices. Getting to Know the Double, dont les œuvres combinent des récits personnels et des explorations d’autres auteurs at L’Écart (Rouyn-Noranda, 2018), Il s’agit de trouver une méthode pour intégrer ces nouvelles voix. Connaitre le double,  […] Whose Works Layer Personal Narratives with Explorations of Other Authors at Galerie UQO (2018) and ça demande un lifestyle précis as part of the exhibition Ce n’est pas rien, ce n’est peut-être pas grand-chose, mais ce n’est pas rien, which he developed by inviting eight of his peers, and more recently the project Il y a plusieurs fissures dans le solage, that’s a shame (2021). He takes dialogue as a starting point and raises issues related to self-narrative and speech production. His projects — in which he interweaves his voice with that of  others— take shape in  installations, videos and texts.

Neeko Paluzzi

Neeko Paluzzi (he/him) is a lens-based artist and language educator who situates his own queer body at the center of inter-textual installations that use translation theory to explore European musical, literary, and cinematic histories. His body is morphed and merged into these texts using projection, 3D-scanning, and deep-fake technologies as a way to examine his own subjectivity and to question the traditional barriers between character and creator. Although he utilizes contemporary photographic techniques, Paluzzi’s art practice is grounded by the rigours of darkroom chemistry and scholarly research, presenting opportunities to explore the history of photography in conversation with other artists and academics.