How to Paint Death According to Lucy

Manon Labrosse

“Who knows how many trees there were on the cliff just before Lucy disappeared? Who counted? Maybe there was one more, afterwards.” — Margaret Atwood, Death by Landscape

How to Paint Death According to Lucy explores our need to see what isn’t there and our relationship with the wilderness, be it from being connected or disconnected. Inspired by a short story by Margaret Atwood titled Death by Landscape, the landscapes are meant to have a polarizing effect of restlessness and subdued acceptance. In addition, it considers the idea of metempsychosis, transition, and the possibility of an “in-between” world where “The Wilderness” rules and we have to assimilate by becoming rooted in nature.

Manon Labrosse is a Franco-Ontarian artist from Northern Ontario (Canada). She currently lives in the Outaouais region in Quebec. She studied painting at the University of Ottawa. Labrosse’s practice is based on experiences in nature: her painting style plays on memory, using her experiences as an adult, documentation of the landscape and an unavoidable connection to growing up in Northern Ontario to create conflicting landscapes of bright colours and dark neutral tones.