Lieven Meyer


Autorésidences is a remote residency program created by the AXENÉO7 artist-run centre in the exceptional context of the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to support research and development of current art practices.

Lieven Meyer lives, travels and works between Quebec and Germany. Having grown up in East Berlin in the 1980s and 1990s, his first artistic influences were cultivated through sculpture, painting and academic drawing, followed by an autodidactic period in the North Sea throughout the 2000s. After completing a Bachelors in Contemporary Sculpture at the University of Arts of Kiel between 2009-2013, he obtained a Masters in Visual Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2016. His artistic research takes form in a multidisciplinary practice which reflects on three traditional figures in the sculptural medium: placement (territory), the monument (space) and the political issue (body). His curiosity is inspired by a sociopolitical, philosophical and historical reading of sculpture and an interest in the forms taken by economic and imperial forces within Western societies today. This process also seeks to explore representational contexts through the design of environments, places, or events.