Mémoires de la Filature2

Jean-Yves Vigneau


Mémoires de La Filature is an interview with Jean-Yves Vigneau on the history of La Filature, AXENÉO7 and DAÏMÔN. The artist's verve takes us on a journey through time, from the founding of AXENÉO7 to the birth of La Filature, while projecting us into the future around the expansion project. A true pillar of culture in the Outaouais region, Vigneau delves into his memories and gives us a personal story filled with anecdotes and humor.

The two-hour interview was broadcast in four 30-minute segments on Radio-Hull in late summer 2020.

Production and editing: Simon Labelle and Catherine Lescarbeau

Jean-Yves Vigneau is a visual artist. Primarily sculptural, his artistic work also involves in situ art, installation, video and photography. In recent years, Vigneau has produced several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous symposia around the world. Committed for several decades in the development of artist-run centers, he notably coordinated the project of La Filature inc., An important place of research and dissemination in visual arts in Gatineau which now houses AXENÉO7, the DAÏMÔN production center as well as several artists' studios. He served for a long time on the board of directors of the artist-run center AXENÉO7 and still chairs La Filature to this day.

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