Nezaket Ekici

PERF (Ré)activation

Artist talk

Salon des membres, La Filature


Connected/Connecté, Alexandra Bridge — Gatineau / Ottawa

AXENÉO7 welcomes Nezaket Ekici (Berlin, Germany) in collaboration with Articule (Montreal), for a research and creation residency at AXENÉO7, as part of the biennial PERF (Ré)activation, following her performance at VIVA! Art Action (Montreal) and her studio at Studio 303 (Montreal).

Born in Turkey in 1970, Nezaket Ekici has lived in Germany since 1973. She holds an MA in Art Pedagogy and, has studied Art History and Sculpture at the LMU and Fine Arts Academy Munich. She studied Performance Art under Marina Abramovic at the Braunschweig University of Art, where she also received an MFA Degree.

Ekici’s artworks derive from multiple subjects, including everyday situations, her dual-cultural background, and art history. Her confrontations with the ordinary allow her to explore the social and cultural atmospheres in which she operates. These confrontations are then translated and expressed as performances, installations and video art. The subjects she deals with are related to time, movement, space, material, body, action and interaction. She uses her body as a means of expression and investigation, and always keeps her works in relation to the audience. She has presented more than 200 different performances in four continents and over 50 countries.