Established in 1983, AXENEO7 is a pioneering organization working towards research and development in visual art. It is part of a network of more than 100 Canadian Artist-run-centers which have been, for last 30 years, a fundamental anchor for contemporary art practices.

The financing of Artist-run-centers is an increasingly important issue in regards to the survival and maintenance of these organizations. In this perspective, AXENEO7 is launching a new sponsorship program, a necessary step in maintaining the development of our center considering the limited public funding we are granted.

A true professional center for experimentation, AXENÉO7 needs your support to ensure the continuity of nearly 30 years of research and expertise in contemporary art.

Become a donating patron (50 to 500 $), a contributing patron (500 to 1 000 $) or a benefactor patron ( 1000$ and up) and by such contribute to the development of experimental practices in contemporary art : a fundamental and independent place for research intended to grasp differently notions of society, life, politics, thought process, love, color, space, form...